member Policies.


Keeping it Classy.

All Members & Memberships (i.e., Barbell Club, Personal Training, and Online Coaching), Coaches, Trainers, Service Patrons, event Patrons, and Visitors of The Dirty Gym are expected to sign Waivers and adhere to the following policies: 


Facility Safety Waiver Policy:

All Members, Event Attendees, and Visitors are expected to sign a standard Facility Safety Waiver for Insurance & Emergency purposes. For new members the waiver will be provided during the sign-up process. For events, the waiver will be provided during the registration process.

Photo & Video Release:

All Members, Event Attendees, and Visitors are expected to sign a standard Photo & Video Release waiver as the entire facility may be photographed or under video-recording at all times.  This facility has security cameras and actively films for social media purposes. 

Appointment Attendance Policy:

All Members and Service Patrons are expected to be timely for all appointments and follow any individual cancellation policies set by our coaches or service providers. Missed appointments with coaches or service providers may be subject to fees for the time incurred. 

Lost or Stolen Item Policy:

Personal item storage (i.e., shelving) is provided within the gym. However items are open, unattended, and are not the responsibility of staff members on duty. Lost items may be placed in a Lost & Found by Members or Staff. for a maximum of 30-days. Feel free to contact us to identify any items you may have left. Items not found are not the responsibility of the facility or staff members on duty. Take care of your stuff. 

Child & Animal Waiver Policy:

Safety & Supervision of Children, Minors, and Animals while present at the facility, are not the responsibility of Staff Members on or off duty in accordance with Club Waivers & Release of Liability. Practice common sense, and it is the sole responsibility of the Members & Visitors to supervise. This is an active training facility, and is not equipped for Child or Animal care and under no circumstances should be treated as such. Take care of your stuff. 

Pre-Paid & Recurring Service Policy:

Services at The Dirty Gym are not free. All membership services are charged on a pre-paid and recurring services basis. This means you pay before you receive in person or remote coaching services or goods. First payments are made at the time of sign-up, and the expectation between the Club and the Athlete is that Services will continue until the Athlete notifies the facility that they would like to cancel their coaching agreement with us.

10-Day Service Cancellation Policy:

Our facility uses a strict minimum "10-Day Notification" Cancellation policy to ensure timely & accurate billing. We do not manually transfer funds, like most businesses we use a third party payment processor to work with banks and credit cards. So to make sure there are no payments withdrawn in error when you intend to cancel your coaching agreement with us, we require written notice to our payments contact address a minimum of 10-days before your payment is to be withdrawn. All in-person Coaching Services (including Club Membership, Personal Training, and Online Coaching) may require a $20 cancellation fee.

To cancel Membership services, send a written message in-reply to your email bill, or click the button below: