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Seminar | Fight to the Holster - Gun & Self-Defense

  • The Dirty Gym 1111 East 2nd Street Dayton, OH, 45403 United States (map)

Come spend a full training day with Robert McKeeman and Mike Zimcosky from Endeavor Defense and Fitness.

They have developed an intuitive system to respond to close range violence for students who carry concealed. Rob has almost 10 Yrs of training and 8 of instructing. Mike has taught with him for 4 years, and both have had extensive training all over the country in both practical self defense systems and defensive firearms training for counter ambush situations.

Course Mission Statement:

To have the safest possible outcome when in contact with a threat while maintaining the ability to deploy a firearm.
The course will be broken into two, 3 hour blocks with a lunch break in the middle. The first half of the day will be developing skills and concepts to respond to threat at different points in the recognition/presentation timeline. The second half will be scenario training. Reality based opportunities to practice and apply skills with repetition.

This is a physical course but meant for all skill levels (we aren't going to kill you). We do recommend you have some basic experience with self defense and/or some exposure to firearms (but not necessary). Wear comfortable clothing (possibly a change of clothes) and belted pants.

Holsters and blue guns are REQUIRED for this course.

You can rent a blue gun and holster for $25 (Limited supplies, especially left handed), but we recommend that you buy a blue gun that fits your holster (and hopefully you are using a hybrid holster for carry).You can find blue guns here…
and holsters here
(they have many on clearance right now).

Course Overview - Fighting to the Holster

Skill development in wrestling and striking, when contact with the threat is perceived to be eminent, to mitigate risk and increase the likelihood of a safe outcome while maintaining the ability to deploy a firearm from the holster.

Understanding Range and Having a Plan
Holster Presentation - Recognition thru Extension
Two Arms Reach and Not the 21 foot rule (tactilicity of range)
Hand fighting drills and translate to indexing to body and and the role of support hand
2 on 1 drill
Dog fighting
Striking (Give the Guy a Reason to Quit)
Punches, Elbows and Knees
Dominant punch
Non dominant
Putting them together
Elbow with footwork
Punches to elbow - address range
Hammerfist to posting
Clinching knee only - leverage to strike with a leg, kicks are risky
Movement and Position/Retention
Shielding strong side (holster side)
Stand Up Wrestling and Disarms
Pummeling (non-competitive)
Reinforce both arms have a job
Arm Drags and Clinches – Emphasis on controlling the limb and NOT going to the ground.
Gun Disarms – presentation to deficit (strong emphasis on muzzle awareness)
and touching (efficient movement)
Knife Disarms – Thrusting, domestic stab and slashing (with grabs and sewing machinge motion.
(Address task fixation)
Tornadoes, Leverage Points and Presenting while in Contact
Hit when you can, wrestle when you can't
Task Prioritization – avoid fixation thru constant reevaluation
Shield strong side while controlling opponent's weapon
Presentation from the Holster in Contact