Sung packs a punch on our staff.

As a coach at The Dirty Gym I am given the opportunity to display my expertise from powerlifting, weightlifting, and wrestling. My coaching involves teaching proper efficient movement patterns, and a better understanding of your body by connecting your mind and body towards your movement. I love coaching because it gives me the opportunity to teach and share my knowledge. But the most important aspect of coaching I believe is to instill confidence and empower others to feel they are capable of anything with consistency and hard work. Let’s hit some PR’s!!
— DG-Coach Sung Kim

Services Offered:

  • Online Coaching Team

  • Personal Training Programs

  • Barbell Club Class Coach

Coaching Resume:

  • USAW Level-2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach (Since 2017)

  • USPA Certified State Powerlifting Referee (Since 2016)

  • USAW Certified Weightlifting Referee (Since 2017)

Athletic Accomplishments:

As an Athlete Sung has broken multiple State, National, and Club records since he joined us in 2012. He may be small (140#'er) but is one of the most accomplished Coaches in the Dayton, OH area.

  • 2012 Multiple USPA Powerlifting American Records (132BW)

  • 2003-2008 Jr. & Sr. High School Wrestling