Our Own Teams massage therapist, for good reason...

She assists in managing the recovery and health of over 35 nationally qualified competitive athletes, as well as general services for the everyday trainee. Sage has quickly gained notoriety for her work with USA Team Member, and World Games Athlete Drake Thompson.

She brings a new style of massage to DG Athletes. Sage a major advocate of working closely with Athletic Coaches to understand specifically what the Athletes they train require to recover day-to-day and week-to-week. in with both athlete and coach on progress and what could be helped by massage. Sage is passionate about seeing improvement in the daily lives and athletic performance of her clients.

Services Offered:

  • Massage & Sports MassageTherapy

  • 15 - 120min Sessions

  • Sessions are Priced from $1/Min

Therapist Resume:

  • Chief of Massage Therapy at DG (Since 2017)
  • Medical Massage Diploma from Beckfield College with Alpha Beta Kappa Honors (2017)
  • Ohio Licensed and Insured (Since 2017)

Athlete Resume:

  • Active Yoga Practitioner (Since 2013)

Contact Sage: