BlondIe, the Badass at Everything...

I’m Casey and I am the Program Director of Hustle Dayton, the DG Online Coaching Team, and our Intern Development Program. 

Besides being a nationally competitive CrossFit Athlete, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting my real passion is developing others and delving deeper into their personal goals. Whether they want to simply get in better shape and develop healthier lifestyle habits or become seriously competitive in sports.
— Shiva Chaos Strope


  • Online Coaching team (Director)

  • Personal Training programs

  • Hustle Dayton Class Coach (Director)

  • Intern Development Program (Director)

Coaching Resume:

  • CrossFit Level-1 Coach (Since 2011)

  • Dayton Weightlifting Club Coach (USAW OH State 2017)

  • USAW Level-2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach (Since 2017)

  • USPA Certified National Powerlifting Referee (Since 2016)

  • USAW Certified Weightlifting Referee (Since 2017)

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • 2016-Now CrossFit Conjugate Team Member (Coach Laura Phelps-Sweatt)

  • 2017 USAW Ohio State Championship (Podium, 69K)

  • 2016 USAW Ohio State Championship (Podium, 69K)

  • 2015 OH Strongest Unicorn (Podium, 69K)

  • 2015 USAW Ohio States (Gold, 69K)

  • 2010-2015 Invictus Team Member (Coach CJ Martin)

  • 2003-2008 Jr. & Sr. High School Wrestler

  • Extensive Dance Experience including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Acrobat (16-Years)