Q: Is this a Gym? Like with Weights?

A: Yes, and Yes.

Q: What kind of a Gym?

A: One where the Athletes train to actually compete in Sports, and beginners can learn and train with the best Coaches and Trainers in Dayton.

Q: How do I start training at The Dirty Gym?

A: Try Contacting us.

Q: I'm intimidated... Do you accept beginners and novices?

A: Yes, many, don't be intimidated.

Everyone from Beginners to Pro Athletes are still new to The Dirty Gym when they walk through our doors -- and we have to treat everyone like a Novice until proven otherwise. Even then, a lot of seasoned lifters still find they have a lot to learn in our Club.  

Beginners we find are hard to train (train well at least), easy to mess up, and require a lot of remedial  work in order to get them up to speed (i.e. Train them to be Trained). So we use basic movement and skill assessments to either roll them into Personal or Group Training before looking at Barbell Club membership.

Q: Do I have to compete in a specific Sport if I train with you?

A: Yes. But not initially for everyone. 

If you don't already have goals in hand, we will work with you until you refine your goals to a sport to train for. 

You'll thank us later -- Indecisiveness is usually at the start of mediocre performance.

Q: Do you train CrossFit, aka "Elite Athletics"?

A: Wait, hold on a sec while we stop chuckling (Inside Joke).

We are not a CrossFit Facility. However we love the "Sport of CrossFit" and actively train multiple area CrossFit Coaches as well as prepare Athletes to compete in The CrossFit Games.

Q: Do you eat "Paleo", or "Zone", or [insert other "new diet" that actually isn't anything new, just usually repackaged old stuff for bloggers and book-sales]?

A: We're so Paleo we don't even shit anymore, and we're always in the Zone.

But seriously, our guys eat what they need to in order accomplish their athletic goals. Whether it's "Paleo", or cutting Twinkies into star shapes on the Sabbath before showering in Milk; we do what we need to do.

Contact Coach Matt Swartout to find out more about a specific athletes Diet. If you're nice, he may answer some questions for free.

Q: Do I have to Pay Dues or Membership Fees and how much?

A: Yes. Barbell Club Members pay monthly Membership Dues, and clients participating in other Services pay Fees as well.

If you are not a Member or Client yet, I wouldn't worry about it until you are.

Q: Can I drop weights and use chalk?

A: Any Gym or Barbell club that does not allow you to bail on a Jerk that could crush you, or overlooks the safety that chalk provides is not a place we would suggest our athletes train at. 

Guarantee the facility that prevents these kinds of things in favor of quieter and cleaner gym environment is not developing winning athletes across multiple sports.

Q: Do you have mirrors?

A: es, we have several. Our Figure competitors use them regularly.

Q: Can you provide Programming and Advice for my [insert "Program", "Gym", "Goal", "Mother", etc]?

A: Yes we can, we have a large client base of Athletes that use our programming across multiple Sports. We use Cloud based tools, Video Coaching Tools, Phone Calls, Emails and Video Chat to stay engaged. Just Contact us to get started.

Q: Do I have to pay for Programming Services?

A: Yes.

On a side note -- You wouldn't question paying your Plumber or your Accountant would you? Why do so many people want Programming for Free?

Q: Can one of your athletes compete on my Gym's team?

A: No.

Unless... Your team is good, and you're willing to have all of them wear our T-Shirts, and pay us for our time. Then Maybe.

P.S. -- This has happened before.