We Just Keep Growing, Bigger and Bad'er:


Now taking up over 5000 sq-ft of Downtown warehouse space.  

We are the only facility in the area with the Expertise and Equipment to train Beginners all the way through Master & Elite lifters.

We add new equipment to our facility on a regular basis, and have a wide array of: Specialty Barbells, Free-weights, Strongman Equipment, Custom Yokes and Functional Training Devices.

  • Power Racks, Mono Rack, IPF Racks, Yokes, Bands and Chains
  • Pull-up Rigs, Gymnast Rings & Ropes
  • Atlas Stones, Logs, Tires & StrongMan
  • Over 7,000 Lbs of Metal & Rubber Plates
  • Dumbells from 5 to 120# & Circus Bells
  • Custom Made Barbells and Axles
  • Wood and Metal Jerk Boxes
  • Eleiko, Pendlay and York Olympic Weightlifting Bars
  • Texas Power Bars and Ivanko Competition Kilo Plates
  • 25+ Platforms of Floor Space
  • GHDs, Prowlers, Sleds and Reverse Hyper
  • Airdynes, C2-Rowers and HIIT Trainers

We work with local fabricators to design and build custom equipment and training tools. From custom made Barbells to in-house designed specialty gear.