We are a Private Barbell Club.

More biker gang than YMCA. This club was started by like minded Coaches and Competition Athletes who needed a better place to train in Dayton, OH.

It is not a Commercial Gym | Just Athletes, Metal and Hard Work.

We have one Goal:

Build Champions.

We do this the only way. Surround you with Champions, then Train smart and hard to make you Stronger, Fitter, Faster and more Skilled than when you came in.

We have one Rule:

Everyone competes in something -- Period. Dot.

Competition is what separates focused Training from the lazy habit of "Working Out". We don't care if that means Powerlifting on a National stage or the local Potato-Chip-Eating contest. Competition helps refine your goals and tempers your resolve to train hard and improve.

We Demand a lot from our Members.

They represent a wide variety of Fitness, Ages and Skill levels. Some are training for National level competition, while others are just training to squat without pain. Everyone is accountable to work hard.

Being Fit, Strong or Good at your Sport is not enough -- You have to want to be part of a Team, be willing to Compete, and Train your ass-off to get better.

Good is not Great.