Post: Love to Lift 2015 - Part One

     Powerlifting is alive and well and the Love to Lift meet proved it. With snow falling and cold winds blowing 50 lifters made the trek to Dayton for what became our biggest meet yet. Let's get something straight right now, powerlifting is a great sport and powerlifters may be the most welcoming bunch of shaved gorillas you ever come across. Good times were had and new friends were made, regardless of age, gender or ability, everyone came together looking for white lights. That's powerlifting, competing against yourself, chasing numbers, and encouraging the lifter right next to you. 

     The lifting started with Kelli Ennis and this tiny 100# chick just killed it! She went 8/9 this day totalling 202.5kg in her first meet. Great work Kelli! She was all smiles at the top of each squat. Joelle Earl opened with what looked to be warm ups and finished her day with an crowd roaring 286 deadlift. When Joelle locked out and got three whites, I remember thinking how much potential she has as she is still just a Jr. lifter. Katherine Snethen went 8/9 and even though it was her birthday, she did not get any gifts, she earned that total! Way to go Katherine!

       Patricia Calderon made this meet look like a warm up for her next meet. She absolutely woman-handled every lift going 9/9 and smashing her PR total. Nina Rains went to 148 for this meet and it payed off for her total. Going 8/9, Nina is quickly closing in on DG board records in whichever weight class she feels like going (132/148). Sarah Dooley had an off day in the squats going 1/3 but roared back in the bench (3/3) and finished the deadlift with 291 at 147. Hannah Wilson was a stand out lifter because of her mental game. This woman is tough, she had a rocky start with the squat that seemed to follow her in the bench. Hannah brought it back full throttle in the deadlift going 3/3 and finishing with a nice 259, did I mention she's still a junior lifter? Watch out for Hannah in the future. 

     Monica Nemeth had beyond a perfect day. She weighed in light, and 10/10 with a fourth attempt. Her form was great and every lift looked the same, easy! Add another name to the Jr. women who look poised to do some great things in the future. Lindey Rossiter, another Jr, was chasing a podium spot. Her deadlifts were simply vicious and she managed to edge out a few girls by a mere two kilos! 

This is what a good deadlift looks like. 

     Billie Goodwin is my kind of woman....errrr....I mean lifter. Billie don't play and if you got to see her lift, you would feel the same way. Total aggression on the platform and then as nice as can be right after. There is no quit in this broad. She actually weighed in two kilos under the class limit, went 7/9 and won her class. Pay attention Jr lifters, you could learn a thing or two about the mental game.

     "Who the hell is Jordyn Schenk?" That was the question after Jordyn weighed in at 112#, squatted nearly 250, benched over body weight raw, and deadlifted a huge 286. So if you are wondering who the hell she is, she the little blonde who is likely a better lifter than you. Now ya know.

     While Schenk is a new name in the mid-west powerlifting scene, the name Molfetta is quite known. Seriously, what are these girls eating? Is it something in the water? Nicole and Brianna are as nice as can be but they may knock you out on the way to the platform. Look up intensity in the thesaurus, another word for it is "Molfetta." I actually used it at the meet after party when I was getting hassled. I told the guy, "Look man, don't make me get all Molfetta on you," needless to say, he has heard of them and quickly backed down.  Nicole finished the day wth 561 at 123 raw while Brianna did a huge 748 at 132 (winning best female lifter). Both teens, both Juniors, both killing it. Must be a family thing. 

The Molfettas not destroying things.

     Jan finney is a machine, and while she went 5/9, it should be noted that she is a professional MMA fighter who is fighting at the end of this month. So when Jan got the call to fight, she did what fighters do, she said yes. Most people would have decided to scrap the powerlifting meet, but not Jan the "Juggernaut." With a rocky start in the squat(1/3) she picked up momentum in the bench and then went 3/3 in the deadlift to win. Once she gets moving, she can't be stopped.

Jan's cool as ice fight poster! 

Jan's cool as ice fight poster! 

     Repping "Team Giggle" to the fullest Theresa "Poppy" Hayes went 9/9 making this meet look like a warm up for her meet in May. Every lift looked easy as she claimed some Ohio and DG records. She may be our first lady to squat 400 in a few months. 

Poppy giggling all the way to the trophy case.

This brings us to the brutally strong Alyssa Dawson. Alyssa trains at the Stength Lab and the name is fitting as she seems to be some kind of experiment. This woman attacks the weights with compete disregard to anything else but finishing a lift. Very exciting to watch! I spoke to her briefly after she had deadlifted a bit over 400# and she mentioned she had not deadlifted in months before hand. Her words, "Well, once I started pulling on it, I said fuck it. Might as well finish." She will likely pull 500# in the future simply because she feels like it. 

Alyssa Dawson saying f*ck it.

     Great work ladies, you delivered and made a good bit of the men wonder what the hell they have been doing. Keep it up! Powerlifting is a genderless sport and the weight challenge us all. 

Next up in part two: The men, strongest couple, and the first ever Dirty Gym Proposal.